Health and Safety Policy


Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

HSE Policy is the foundation stone of every organisation, as it deals with the aims and objectives of an organisation towards health and safety.

3 Sections of Health and Safety Policy:
  1. Statement of Intent
  2. Organisation Sections
  3. Arangements SectionsHealth and Safety Policy
HSE Policy is the foundation stone of every organisation, it is a top managment commitment, will have aims and objectives of an organisation. It drives the organisation on a cost effective basis.

Three sections of Health and Safety Policy

Statement of Intent:

Statement of Intent or called as the health and safety policy which has the aims and objectives of an organisation. The health and safety targets are set in this sections. The aims are non measureable and objectives are measurable. Aims remains unchanged during the review of an organisation's HSE policy, where as the objectives are changed during the review of the health and safety policy.

The Policy should be written down in a simple language and easily understandable, it can be further broken down into simple points.

The policy should be signed by the senior most person in the organisation as it gives:

  1. Authority to the policy
  2. The ultimate responsibility lies with top management
  3. Top management commitment

Organisation section:

Organisation sections deals with roles and responsibilities of each individuals within the organisation and those who have specific responsibiliteis towards health and safety, through a reporting line of structure within the organisation. HSE Advisor - advises top management follwed by accident Fire Marshal - to act immediately followed by fire at the workplace First Aider - to provide first aid to the victim and promote recovery.

Arrangement Section:

Arrangements sections deals with systems and procedures which will assist to implement the health and safety policy. Arrangements like
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Provision of first aid
  • Developing safe system of work(SSOW)
  • Communication
  • Reporting accidents
  • Consultation
  • Carrying out inspection, audits etc.